Station 13

About the Podcast

Alex May and Dani Wright used to work together, making videogames in Kyoto, and spend their commute on the Hankyu train discussing all manner of topics—games, of course, but also design, typography, mechanical watches, philosophy, and life in Japan. Now that Dani has moved to California and Alex to Sweden, the conversation continues here, on the Station 13 podcast.


If you have any thoughts or comments about anything we talk about on the podcast, we'd love to hear it! You can post to the Reddit at /r/Station13, tweet Alex @ATYPE808, Dani @danielpwright, or the show as a whole @Station13FM. You can also email us at .

If you do choose to contact us, we may decide to mention it on the show. If you would prefer we didn't, please let us know. In general we'll refer to you by your twitter handle or your first name, but if you have a handle you'd rather we use, or you don't want us to mention a name at all, just say the word!